by Constance Crow

October 2002
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This is the story of Sunlee a brave young woman who worked in her father’s mine in the wilds of Idaho in the 19th century. When Noah Stewart comes into her life, she finds a strong attraction she neither wants nor expects. Noah is surprised to find this attractive girl caring for his dead sister’s tiny son.

The story centres on these two characters, but nothing is straightforward. There is Hargrave, an evil gambler who has killed Sunlee’s father to gain control of his share of the mine, making him Sunlee’s partner. Sunlee hates him and fears him but feels she doesn’t need Noah’s help to ward Hargrave away from her. Noah sees it differently. Hargrave is determined to have Sunlee for himself. Noah dislikes him on sight and is determined to protect Sunlee. There is also Sunlee’s grandmother Bei Ling; she is a lovely character and is the mainstay in Sunlee’s life. She also likes Noah a lot!

Constance Crowe has written a very good story. She describes the isolation and lawlessness of the setting so well that the reader quickly realises the strength of the heroine and her Grandmother to survive in such a bleak place. Danger follows Noah and Sunlee as they try to find out what happened to Sunlee’s father; there is also the death of Noah’s sister and her husband to resolve. And while working together, the attraction between Noah and Sunlee gets stronger and stronger and eventually, they find it hard to keep their passion at bay.

The reader can sense the danger that follows them in their quest - but there is also the obvious villain; Hargrave and his men are determined that the couple will not succeed.

The plot is very gripping, and the reader will definitely want a happy ending for this very likeable couple. Daughter of the Dragon is a book well worth reading.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Mary.

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