by Nina Bangs

June 2006
ISBN: 0-425-20371-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Kim Vaughn officially comes to the Castle of Dark Dreams to pursue her dream of becoming an architect but unofficially sheís there to look for demons, a job thatís been in her family for years, at least thatís what she tells her family. Along with her faulty demon detector named Fo, Kim comes face to face with more supernatural beings then she knows what to do with. Kimís yearning for an ordinary life comes into question when she meets hunky Brynn McNair who canít seem to stop offering himself to her but Kim senses an underlying sadness in Brynn and wonít stop until she helps him.

Demon Brynn McNair is a resident of Castle of Dark Dreams, an adult theme park, and cursed to fulfill the erotic needs of women, a fate that on the surface might sound appealing but one that Brynn would give anything to renounce. Brynn wants nothing more than to figure out how to break the curse that has plagued him for over five hundred years. And it is upon meeting Kim that Brynn has felt true desire.

Wicked Pleasure is delightfully sinful and sure to entice readers with itís wonderful characters and storyline. Kimís ability to help heal the emotional scars that Brynn carries is touching. Foís seeming flaws are a hoot and will tickle readers. Nina Bangs is a fantastic author that never fails to deliver an enchanting story and compelling characters. I canít wait to take part in the next adventure that comes out of Nina Bangís imagination.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Claudia.

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