by Liz Maverick

April 2006
ISBN: 0-505-52625-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Ever wonder what happened to the “mech” - half man, half machine that escaped during the beginning of the Crimson City series? Do you want to know more about the woman who suddenly appeared as Patrick and Xiao Fei tried to close the Veil and who stole Patrick’s medallion? Well, wonder no more, because author Liz Maverick is here to tie up the loose ends in Crimson Rogue.

Former B-Ops agent Cydney Brighton suddenly finds herself back in Crimson City. And I do mean suddenly - since she jumped through the veil just as it was closing. Snatching up that medallion, she runs off into the bowels of the city, hoping to elude the demons who had captured her before. Once there, she realizes that many things have changed. And her own life will never be the same. She cannot go back to her old job - she cannot explain where she has been. She is a rogue, just as the outcast vamps and wolves who don’t follow the rules. But a girl needs to eat, and she has some skills. She hopes to establish herself by hiring on with a mercenary named Finn.

Finn, actually short for Beta Class XG8 - Finland, has learned to live in the shadows. The bounty on him would be enough to convince anyone to turn him in, but his armaments would also be attractive to the criminal element. Finn just wants to be fully human again. No one thought that he had retained his humanity during the mech process, but just like Robocop, he did. He thinks that Cyd Brighton may just be the right person to help him access the lab and help him feel like a normal man again. Both of them have a few dangerous secrets that may hamper their efforts.

Ms. Maverick does a great job at tying up the loose ends in several storylines. The main story, however, is top-notch. I could not wait to find out what would happen between these two battle-weary warriors. And the result was more than I had hoped for. While this may not be the final book in the Crimson City series, it may be the last book we see for a while. I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Paula.

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