by Lois Winston

April 2006
ISBN: 0-505-52684-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Nori Stedworth has the good life. A fantastic job, her own apartment in Manhattan, a hot, rich boyfriend and a best friend she can tell anything to. Wanting to find the perfect gift for her boyfriendís birthday, Nori heads to downtown New York City during her lunch hour to buy pro-wrestling tickets at $200 apiece. One the way back back to work, she and a co-worker decide to stop at a street vendor for lunch and she burns her mouth, then gets covered in sludge from a passing vehicle.

If that isnít bad enough, when Nori goes to her boyfriendís apartment to shower and get a change of clothes, she discovers her boyfriend and her best friend in the hot tub together . . . naked. When she goes to her own apartment, she discovers her mother has left her father and moved in with her. And to complete this not-so-wonderful day, her boss calls and tells her that the company has gone bust and now Nori doesnít have a job.

Getting drunk with her friends from work doesnít seem to help, so Nori calls on her invisible childhood friend to help her through this stream of disasters. Gertie is a smart talking alter ego and now she is throwing her two cents in about everything in Noriís life. Will Nori be able to find a new job, a new man, and get Mom back home where she belongs before she goes insane?

Talk Gertie To Me is a cute, fast romp. As Ms. Winstonís first book, it is certainly well-done. Nori is a realistic character, coming from small town Kansas (or Iowa, the author seems to have mixed these up in several places until even the reader is confused where Nori came from) and trying to make it as a suave city girl who has no use for small town values.

I enjoyed reading talk Gertie To Me and recommend it to lovers of chick lit. Noriís situation is sure to be sympathetic and anyone who has ever lived the single life away from parents will surely relate.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Laura.

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