by Toni Blake

September 2006
ISBN: 0-06-113588-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Red
Trade Paperback

Avon Red the new erotica imprint from Avon books celebrates fall with their first single title release, Swept Away by the mega talented Toni Blake. They could not have picked a more perfect book than Swept Away as it will transport readers to a private island paradise where the breezes are cool and the sex is sizzling hot.

Katrina Spencer is just days away from saying ďI doĒ but she is suddenly thinking maybe she doesnít. This being the case Kat skips her bachelorette party (although she sends her bridal party) in Vegas and seeks the solitude of her fatherís private island to sort through her feelings before the big day arrives. Katís friends can run interference with her parents so she can have time to sort things out by herself.

Now Kat has a great respect for Ian her intended and the union will do wonders for her fatherís gallery but will this be enough? Kat just doesnít really feel any passion for her intended. Passion so hot she can hardly contain it like what she felt for Brock Denton when she was in high school. Brock was the one who got away. Kat had tried to seduce him many years ago but he had flat out turned her down. Kat is remembering this as she falls asleep on the beach.

Brock Denton has changed a lot since Kat Spencer made a play for him all those years ago. He is now much more than just an employee of Katís father. Brock is an FBI agent working undercover. It is a job he absolutely loves. Well he usually loves it, you see he has a big problem in that his cover has just been blown and where is he but on a yacht in the middle of nowhere. When the bullets start flying Brock has no choice but to abandon ship and swim for his life.

As Kat awakens from her nap she realizes she is no longer alone. There is a gorgeous man standing over her. Is she dreaming or is this man really Brock Denton the one she had lusted after all those years ago and almost gave her virginity to? Are you intrigued yet? You should be because things just get hotter from here on out.

The people who want Brock dead are hot on his trail and he and Kat must outsmart and out run them to stay alive. They have many long hours to spend on this deserted island alone hiding until help arrives. Things are sure to heat up in this tropical paradise.

From the first scene, which shows the reader Katís attempted seduction of Brock while she was in high school, Toni Blake grabs the reader and doesnít let go. This particular scene is one of the sexiest scenes I have read in a while. It alone is worth the cover price of the book.

But you will enjoy much more than this. Toni Blake creates characters that leap from the page and into your heart and Kat and Brock are perfect examples of this. Scene after scene shows a desire and passion of two people who belong together and Ms Blake builds her story to perfection. Swept Away is the perfect blend of hot sex and good old-fashioned romance and this book will leave readerís wanting more. Toni Blakeís Swept Away will be hard for Avon Red to top.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Barbara.

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