by Suzanne Enoch

September 2006
ISBN: 0-06-084255-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lord Charlemagne “Shay” Griffin is a successful business man. He is arrogant, sure of himself and his reputation and so it’s easy for a beautiful exotic woman to cheat him out of a fortune in silk. Intrigued by Sarala Carlisle’s intelligence and beauty he turns the retrieval of his goods into a game of seduction. Sarala plays along, enjoying his attentions. Business turns into pleasure and the rules change. However the silk’s original owners threaten their intimate relationship. To save Sarala from harm Shey needs to prove that he hasn’t lost his cool.

Suzanne Enoch latest offering is a difficult read. It doesn’t have Sin and Sensibility’s spirited heroine and An Invitation to Sin’s charming hero. The heroine’s voice is not very likable. Sarala sounds too modern and independent. She is a young woman, a stranger in a foreign country. She doesn’t act that way. Shey’s personality is nice enough, just not very sexy. He has no sense for proper behavior. His seduction might be playful and fun, but no gentleman would present a lady with a costly gift, kiss her in public and visit her unchaperoned. It doesn’t feel right. It’s too unconventional to fit his very correct and demanding family background.

Something Sinful is not a very exciting and romantic tale, the kisses are too short and lack sizzle, and the sex (first to prove a point, then to release frustration) is unsatisfying. What keeps the story interesting are the scenes with Melbourne the oldest Griffin sibling. He is overpowering in his presence, which is annoying in a book belonging to his brother, but it also shows that his book should be worth the wait. Suzanne Enoch is a very talented author, especially her dialogues are spot on, but with this book she introduced two characters that just don’t want to leap of the pages. Her next historical romance won’t have the problem, Melbourne will see to it.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Kris Alice.

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