by Emma Ray Garrett

March 2006
Reviewer Graphic Button Changeling Press

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Lucifer's daughter, Malina is in love with Gabriel the Archangel. But he canít seem to allow her inside his battered soul. Then the threat of Armageddon changes her focus from Gabriel to saving the world. Malina enlists some powerful allies in the form of Archangel Michael and the feisty vampire, Gemma. They become uneasy partners to fight against those threatening human kind.

Just when things fire up between Malina and Gabriel over the turmoil in their relationship; The Virtue Aurora Charity and Gemma Joyce have big trouble on their hands. They have come across Luc Seraph, Malinaís brother who has been toying with his strong supernatural singularity powers. They are advanced for someone of his age. They must find a way to control Luc before he unleashes Hell on Earth earlier than it is meant to happen. Malina then meets her brother, Luc, the long lost son her father never new existed and comes to his defense.

Heaven and Hell 2 Redemption is awesome! All the characters are vibrant and sparkle. Each character has their place in the story, like in an opera and plays their part to perfection. The love scenes between Malina and Gabriel is steaming hot. The story will capture the reader instantly.

Emma Ray Garrett is a master at creating suspenseful, hot paranormal erotica. She has a new fan awaiting her next novel.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Noemi.

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