by Ruth D. Kerce

April 2006
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What does a twenty-four year old virgin do when she wants to have someone ďde-virginĒ her? Why she goes to ask her sexy, bad boy, motorcycle-riding neighbor. How can he say no? Well that is what Caleb first tells her is, no.

Caleb likes his sex on the kinky side, the kinkier the better to him. Little does he know that Ali, even though she is still a virgin, is after whatever he is willing to give her no matter how kinky it might be.

Ali and Caleb settle on a weekend together. Caleb canít believe how Ali reacts to him and to the things they do. It is also like coming home for both of them. They didnít expect to get anything else out of the weekend except some really great sex.

Things didnít turn out that way though. Yes, the sex was great and kinky and just right up both of their alley's. The one weekend turned into more than that and so did their feelings for each other.

Ms. Kerce has once again given us a wonderful story. If you like your sex a little kinky and sometimes over the top then pick up Virgin Seeks Bad Boy you will not be disappointed. You might just have to go grab your own bad boy to extinguish the flames they set off in you. Also remember to not judge a book by its cover; looks can be deceiving, as we find out with Ali and Caleb, a librarian and a motorcycle shop owner.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Pam.

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