by Amanda Quick

April 1995
ISBN: 0553569406
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback

Mistress was one of the first Amanda Quick novels I ever read. Several years and many rereads later it still has the ability to capture and hold my attention, from cover to cover, with its swift flowing plot and irrepressible humor.

The main characters, Iphiginia Bright and Marcus Cloud, Earl of Masters, typify Amanda Quick characters. Marcus is dark and brooding, undeniably intelligent, strong and constant. Iphiginia is equally intelligent, incredibly perceptive and a bright splash of sunlight that touches Marcus’ life and turns it upside down.

As with most Quick characters they are perfect for one another and the reader can’t help but turn the page to see what Iphiginia is going to do to Marcus next.

In this book the secondary characters were nowhere near as inspiring as the main.

Amelia, Iphiginia’s cousin was inoffensive, but boring. Her romance with Adam Manwaring was as uninspiring as her character. Another secondary character, Marcus’ friend Lady Hannah, was just plain irritating. It would have been my pleasure never to have made her acquaintance. A more tear-filled, weak-minded character I have rarely come across. Her only redeeming quality was that she’d at some point in her past borrowed enough courage to shoot her abusive frst husband.

I think I’ve made it sufficiently clear that it’s the hero and heroine that make this story shine. The mystery Marcus and Iphiginia need to work together to solve and the danger that results from their investigation is the perfect foil for their relationship.

Amanda Quick has a wonderful way with words and an ability to suck readers into her stories. Mistress fully earns the four and a half rose rating I gave it. But for the less than dazzling secondary characters, this book would have been a perfect five.

Reviewed in July 2002 by JaToya.

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