by Susie Charles

April 2006
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Elizabeth and Thomas set the sheets on fire in a blazing love affair two years ago. During that time, with Eilzabeth as his model and his muse, Tom produced some of his most sensual provocative portraits ever. However, as heir to the Danville fortune, Tom has to manage his snooty family’s unwelcome interference in his life. Except for his cousin Richard, Tom has very little use for any of them. He insisted on keeping his art, as well as his relationship with Elizabeth, separate from his family duties and away from the censure of the public. Elizabeth refuses to be any man’s dirty little secret no matter how much she loves him.

Two years later, the world famous Blonheim Foundation commissions a series of paintings from Tom—and for him only one woman, his muse, will do. Convincing Elizabeth to work with him again will be the easy part. Convincing her to give them a second chance will be harder. What neither of them knows is that Richard is determined to see the two of them make a go of it.

Velvet Strokes is a sensual feast. The sexual tension between Tom and Elizabeth is palpable and aching to witness. Richard is a charming rogue who makes a surprisingly good matchmaker. I hope there is a sequel in the works for him. Susie Charles gets better with every new release.


Reviewed in August 2006 by Cynthia.

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