by Lori Foster

September 2006
ISBN: 082177803X
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Let me just start out by saying that Murphy’s Law is fantastic! I was unbelievably disappointed in Jude’s Law so my hopes weren’t very high for its sequel. Luckily, I was in for a great surprise.

Readers met Quinton Murphy and Ashley Miles in Jude’s Law. Now they have their own time to shine, and shine they do! Ashley is busy. She works several jobs, attends classes and studies. In her free time, she sleeps. She has no room or time in her life for a man. Too bad Quinton has no plans to disappear.

Quinton wiggles his way into Ashley’s life through a series of hot caresses and sizzling kisses. Even Ashley can’t ignore the chemistry that snaps between them so she does the sensible thing and invites him to be her date at May and Jude’s wedding. Now that he’s got an in, Quinton isn’t letting Ashley get away.

When Quinton learns that Ashley is being harassed by Elton Pascal, the same man who framed Jude for murder, his protective instincts spring to life. Elton has Ashley in his sights because she is the reason he didn’t succeed yet again in destroying Jude. Lust and protection war inside Quinton. He wants Ashley safe and he plans on making sure she lives to fall into his arms. There’s no way he’s leaving her side now.

The attraction between Ashley and Quinton is by far the most impressive part of this story. It fairly vibrates off the pages with its intensity. But there is more to their relationship than lust! Lori Foster has created a warm and loving relationship that develops quickly but realistically. Quinton and Ashley are learning about each other rapidly because of the danger to her, but that doesn’t make the emotions they are feeling any less real. Ms. Foster has a great talent for making the impossible seem possible and in fact, natural.

Amusing and sexy moments coupled with some character building scenes make Murphy’s Law a winner. Ashley is a fresh and vivacious woman who doesn’t back down from a fight, but isn’t stupid enough to not listen to reason and go for help when needed. You’ll cheer her on as she faces down the bad guy and as she learns the inner workings of Quinton’s heart.

Ms. Foster has been added back to my must-buy book list after this fantastic and original read!

Reviewed in September 2006 by Sarah.

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