by Louise Crawford

September 2001
ISBN: 0-7599-0298-4
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This is a powerful story about a brother and sister who are still trying to come to terms with childhood abuse though they are now in their mid thirties. Both are in recovery from addictions. Neither feels they can commit to long-term relationships. Then the hated step-uncle gets murdered and the brother is a prime suspect.

Andrea, who prefers to be called Blaize but tends to be called Andy, wants to find out who Richardís killer is, hoping it isnít her brother Ian. Ian has his own demons but is finally coming to terms with them.

Andyís relationship with cop Stephanous is as good as she feels capable of giving. Then he tells her he wants marriage and she has three months to give him an answer. She is in panic mode. Commitment terrifies Andy.

It is hard to read some parts of the story as it deals with child abuse and I found it quite distressing at times.

The plotline takes many twists with the number of suspects mounting as the story progresses.

There is a great deal of therapy scenes in the book. Just about every character needs some form of therapy, which isnít too surprising considering the family they come from!

Humour is not something you find in this story to lighten some of details that come out.

The book is well written and Louise Crawford researched her subject, abuse isnít easy to read, I guess it is something we would prefer not to know because it is so harrowing. She ties up all the loose ends of the story though I have to admit I wondered at times if this were possible!

I was glad to reach the end of the story but I will give it 4 roses because it is a well-written book.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Mary.

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