by Nora Roberts

September 2006
ISBN: 0-515-14165-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

On the cliffs of Kerry, a powerful wizard raises his staff against the storm. Overcome with grief he seeks the evil one who has destroyed his twin brother. As Hoyt MacCionaoith faces the ancient vampire Lillith, he vows to banish her to hell where she cannot harm anyone else. He may be too late to save Cian, but he can make sure others are safe from her treachery.

Lillith is no mere vampire, and her powers are great. Hoyt cannot defeat her alone, and as he makes his way home, he is visited by the goddess Morrigan, who gives him an even greater task. Hoyt must leave his home and his lifetime, to travel far away to gather a powerful circle of warriors who must defeat Lillith and her army of destruction. If they fail, mankind is lost.

Hoyt’s first task is to gain the cooperation of his long-lost twin, who lives a successful life in modern-day New York. Cian is surprised that his brother has arrived on his doorstep, and intrigued by his quest. He stopped hunting humans eons ago, and has adapted to his long life with alacrity and ingenuity. He also has a score to settle with his creator, Lillith. Perhaps that is why he agrees to help Hoyt find the remaining members of the circle: the warrior, the scholar, the witch and the one of many shapes. These six will stand against the threat to mankind.

Glenna Ward has always known that one day she would be called to use her powers for good. When she finds herself attending a wounded wizard centuries before her own birth, Glenna feels that she is finally on the brink of learning her destiny. When she tries to find him again, and discovers that he is now in her time and place, it is a sign that she cannot ignore.

With skill and impeccable timing, Nora Roberts offers readers Morrigan’s Cross, the first book in her 2006 trilogy. Her time transitions are effortless and not once are the readers left behind. The tale is compelling, especially in these troubled times, and strikes a chord with fans and new readers alike. Hoyt and Glenna are powerful, but together they are incredible. They will need every nuance of their powers to stop Lillith in the books to come.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Paula.

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