by Sue Civil-Brown

June 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77114-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Sue Civil Brown’s newest book Hurricane Hannah is just the light hearted easy to read book that any reader will be tucking into their tote bag for a trip to the beach.

Hannah Lamont is a private pilot. She is the owner of a company that buys private jets. Her mechanic then refurbishes them, and she resells them, and delivers them to their new owners. She is in the process of doing this when she experiences mechanical trouble and has to do an emergency landing.

Fortunately, for her and the safety of her plane she finds a small airstrip and is able to land her plane and not slide off the runway and over the edge into the ocean. Unfortunately, for Hannah she finds herself on an island named Treasure Island, and the surreal way that the people on Treasure Island run their home.

Treasure Island is unique in that it does not have the rules and regulations of government that most of us are used to. The people of Treasure Island love poker, and use the game to settle almost every dispute. At the time of Hannah’s landing an important poker game was being played between Buck Shanahan the airport owner, and Bill Anstin, a relative new comer to the island who wants to turn the island into a big resort with the main attraction being a casino, which he would own. Hannah’s landing interrupts the game, and neither man is happy.

As the story progresses the chemistry between Hannah and Buck heats up. Hannah is willing and ready to do something about their attraction, but Buck has to overcome his feelings about women that he has been dealing with after the demise of his marriage. Buck’s feelings are not the only roadblock in a happy ever after ending for the two. They must also deal with another islander Edna who thinks that Buck is her man even though he has never done anything to make her believe he cares for her as anything but a friend. Hannah must also deal with the island’s alligator, Buster who has developed a serious crush on her, and follows her around much like a lovesick puppy.

When Hannah, Buck, and another islander Horace team up to get supplies after a hurricane the story takes a twist, and the poker game stakes are raised to an all-new level. If you are a poker fan then you will love the detail the author gives about every hand, if you are like me, and barely understand you will tend to skip the parts, which talk about the hands and the odds. Do not let the poker talk turn you off though.

Hurricane Hannah is fun. I do not think there is a person amongst us who does not wish that we could not return to a simpler time, and find a place like Treasure Island for ourselves. I do not recall reading a book by Sue Civil Brown before, but I am always looking for new romantic comedy authors, and I have just added one to my to be bought list.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Sandi.

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