by Mary Campisi

August 2002
ISBN: 0821772813
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Alexandra Chamberlian is an orphan and only child. At the age of 30, she is the vice president of her uncle's property development company, WEC Management. Her next project is to build a year round resort in a small town called Restalline. With an excuse of researching small town life for a documentary, Alex is welcomed and trusted with open arms by the folks in Restalline. What she never expects is to fall in love with this little town and its doctor, Nick Androvich.

Nick Androvich spots Alex at his uncle Frank's party and is attracted to this pretty and intelligent woman at first sight. He doesn't believe her tale of research and wants to keep their relationship simple and impersonal. However, Stella (Nick's mother) and Edna (Alex's temporary landlord) thinks Alex is perfect for Nick and play matchmakers for them. A pillow dance sparks the chemistry between Nick and Alex and overrules all their reasons from falling in love.

Simple Riches is a fiction of romance and relationships that packed with wonderful characters. The story is full of love, emotion, friendship, forgiveness and some insight on life. Through the eyes of a city girl, Mary Campisi brings out the beauty of simple riches (living, loving, hope, sacrifice, family, commitment and devotion) that touch your heart and soul.

"Everybody doesn't need to crowd into a city to survive, show them there are places like Restalline, all over the country, where you can raise a family, start a business, be happy."

A definitely treasure on anyone's keeper shelf!!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Rose.

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