by Karen Young

June 2006
ISBN: 0-7783-2310-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Karen Young’s newest book is Belle Pointe. Belle Pointe is the story of the Whitaker family and their long proud tradition of being cotton farmers. However, what appears to be an outstanding family with a fine tradition of treating people fairly turns into a rather engrossing read at the hands of Ms. Young.

When the book opens Buck Whitaker, the second son and seemingly unimportant to his domineering mother, is far away playing major league baseball, and pretending that he has no interest in the land or traditions surrounding his heritage.

After a terrible accident, that involves almost losing his chance to ever play pro baseball again, and involves almost losing his marriage he feels compelled to follow his estranged wife Anne as she runs home to Tallulah and the comfort and safety of her father and stepmother.

Once in Tallulah, Buck is drawn into the family business, and finds that the love of the land and farming he once had hasn’t disappeared just been long buried. Anne is still not convinced that Buck has changed and while she agrees to spend time with him, is not ready to resume a marital relationship.

As the story progresses secrets from both families are unearthed, and could adversely affect the future of all involved. Ms. Young kept me glued to the pages by offering plot twists that I could see coming, but then swerving just a bit and offering yet another surprise. The twist and turns did not wind down just because the pages were winding down. The suspense was superb throughout Belle Pointe.

I believe that Belle Pointe was written as a women’s fiction title that had a nice amount of suspense thrown in. If you are looking for one more vacation read that will take you away from it all then you cannot go wrong with Belle Pointe.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Sandi.

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