by Elizabeth Lowell

April 2002
ISBN: 0-06-019876-1
Reviewer Graphic Button William Morrow

Cherelle Faulkener, childhood friend of Risa Sheridan, kills Virgil O'Conner accidentally and steals all 27 objects of Celtic gold artifacts with her lover, Tim Sefon. They flee from Sedona to Las Vegas with Tim's old jailhouse buddy, Socks. Cherelle has no idea how much the gold worth and decides to get help from Risa, who works for Shane Tannahill as a curator in a casino called Golden Fleece.

Risa Sheridan, Ph. D., Curator, is specialised in ancient jewelry, especially gold. Shane employs her via Rarities Unlimited and has been looking for a centerpiece for his new gallery that will be launched on New Year's Eve. Shane always pays ridiculous prices to buy gold artifacts no matter how Risa objects.

Meanwhile, the owners of the other mega casinos plan to ruin Shane by laundering quiet money into Golden Fleece and entrap Shane into buying illegal gold artifacts. That brings in FBI agent, April Joy (from the Donovan series) into the picture. In exchange for not being convicted for buying illegal gold, Shane agrees to help April to break the laundering gang.

Running Scared starts off a little slow in the beginning with an introduction of the main characters, Risa Sheridan and Shane Tannahill. Elizabeth Lowell also provides some background information on Druid Gold, which is said to have a certain power and energy. The story doesn't pick up until over 150 pages with the death of Virgil O'Conner.

However, the story blends gold artifacts, casinos, money laundering together with suspense and romance. With the joining of April Joy into the plot, the story becomes more exciting and captivating.

If you have read Moving Target, the first in Ms Lowell's Rarities series, you must not miss Running Scared and check out the bodyguard of Risa, Ian Lapstrake, who gains all reader's attention, as well as April Joy, in the last part of the story. Happy reading!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Rose.

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