by Melody Carlson

March 2006
ISBN: 1-57856-841-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Waterbrook Press
Trade Paperback

Jennifer is marrying Michael today—and friends and relatives all are drawn from diverse locations to Lakeside Inn to celebrate with the bride and groom. Elizabeth Anderson, Suzette Burke, Ingrid Campbell, Margaret Simpson, and Laura Fairbanks—the bride’s aunt, family friend, bridesmaid, grandmother of the bride, and sister-in-law of the groom—seemingly share little more than their joy of seeing the couple marry at the mountain resort. However, each woman will reach a point of reckoning in her own most intimate relationship this day.

As the stories unfold, the women must turn to each other—and uphold each other through the pain of postpartum depression, doubts about an upcoming marriage, the discovery of a husband’s affair, reflections on the ups and downs of being a war bride, and plans to end a twenty-five year marriage. Can these five women survive the ultimate tests of their marriages and keep their lives together?

is an interesting story. I did have a bit of trouble keeping the characters straight and had to continuously look back to see who was who, but otherwise, the characters are well-developed and I enjoyed reading their stories. I related most to Laura, I think, since she had a new baby and was suffering through not knowing how to stand up to her mother-in-law and balance a baby with wedding festivities, but I could also understand the other women—even Suzette, whom I am most unlike!

I hoped that most of the women would be able to resolve their marital differences—I can’t say all of them, because it seemed to me that Suzette got what was coming to her. I highly recommend On This Day as a wonderful wedding story—and as wedding season is here, this is a great book to pick up.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Laura.

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