by Alexandra Bassett

July 2006
ISBN: 0-8217-7787-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Ms. Bassett brings us another fun romp through Regency England where there is a notorious smuggler on the loose and an arrogent Marquess out to make life miserable for our heroine.

Violet Treacher has just inherited a crumbling estate on England's Cornish coast; Trembledown, the derelict estate she inherited after her husband's death. Thinking that the only real threat on her peaceful existence is coming from the Marquess of St. Just, Sebastian, who has aggressively pursued the property, she soon realizes that there is more to this crumbling piece of rock than meets the eye. But before Violet even gets to set eyes on Trembledown (which is aptly named)she is snatched from her carriage by the notorious smuggler Robert the Brute, who forces her to spend a night with him in a coastal cave. There, a bit of rum...well more than a bit actually..and a very dark cave, lead to a night of passion the likes of which Violet had never experienced during her loveless marriage. The next day, Violet is released by the Brute, and none too soon, for as soon as she reached Trembledown, who else should come to call but none other than the arrogent Marquess himself, Sebastian—who, unknown to Viotet, is the Brute.

Sebastian's condescending manner makes Violet's determination to restore Trembledown even more pronounced and even if she must do all of the restoration work herself, she will never sell to the Marquess of St. Just, just to spite him.

This stubborness sets the stage for much conflict and some funny moments between these two headstrong characters and reslults in some very steamy romance and a lot of fun. The secondary characters are a hoot and add so much volume and depth to the story, that without them, this book would be sorely lacking.

Adventure, romance and a ton of fun await you in this delightful book. A great summer read!

Reviewed in August 2006 by Debbie.

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