by Sabrina Jeffries

September 2006
ISBN: 1-4165-1609-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

The second installment in her School for Heiresses trilogy, Sabrina Jeffries brings back a starcrossed pair from her Royal Brotherhood series, Louisa North, illigitimate daughter to the King and Simon Tremaine, Duke of Foxmoor.

Louisa North's work with her ladies group for the prison reform for women, has become a thorn in her royal father's side. He decide's that the only way to bring her to heel is to marry her off...and to do it fast. Enter Simon Tremaine, Duke of Foxmoor, the one man that Louisa has ever loved and the same man that she had exiled from England. When he returns and announces that he intends on marrying her, she's a little skeptical. But when she learns that her father has promised Simon that he will be the next Prime Minister of England, a title that Simon has coveted for as long as he can remember, she's more than skepitcal, she's furious!

Yes, Simon has come back to England to try and become the next PM, but marrying Louisa had not been in his original plan. But when His Majesty suggests this scheme to marry Louisa, which didn't sound like a bad idea to him...he still has deep feelings for her, no matter that she had him exiled from England all of those years ago. Yes, she would make a fine PM's wife, if only he can get her to quit her ladies society group and quit politics, then he could truly be happy.

As Simon tries to court Louisa, he comes to realize that she and her ladie's society are really making some good changes in the prison system, and for the women and children who are imprisioned there. How can he possibly ask her to give all of this up just so that he can fulfill his dream of becoming Prime Minister? And what will become of him if he doesn't?

What a great story. Louisa and Simon don't give in to each other an inch; which makes for some hot and steamy scenes. Both are stubborn and pigheaded and perfect for each other...if they will stop arguing long enought to realize it. The plot is page-turning and never boring and the secondary characters are very well written.

Ms. Jeffries is one of the top Regency era writers in the genre. All of her books are very well written and will keep you glued to the pages. Be sure to pick up Only a Duke Will Do and you will have yourself a sure fire best seller in your hands!


Reviewed in August 2006 by Debbie.

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