by Linda Conrad

August 2002
ISBN: 0-373-76458-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1458
Mass Market Paperback

Linda Conradís second release, Desperado Dad shows that her voice is growing stronger and more consistent. Making this a very sexy story with characters that I really liked and whose motivations I allowed myself to believe.

In a daring rescuing mission that not only is out of character for the quiet farm owner, Randi Cullen but which provides her with a long for craved adventure, she not only rescues a dark and very handsome but definitely dangerous Manuel Sanchez and a little baby boy but also ends up with them as guests on her farm.

Randiís never been on a date and didnít expect a change anytime soon. And when Manny turns out to be an undercover federal agent and proposes marriage to ensure his cover to investigate the baby smuggling in her area, one thing is for sure - sheís not willing to see him leave before he fulfills her wishes and creates memories worth remembering and savoring! So although she is very innocent and naÔve she is also proactive and strong enough to go after what she desires. And with a sexy hunk like Manny around the house the one thing she doesnít wish for, is a pretend marriage. There is nothing fake about her passionate feelings for him and if getting what she wants means risking getting hurtÖso be it! Admirable!

The thing I found lacking in Desperado Dad was the suspense. Too many revealing hints are given too early and too obvious. But hey, itís a Desire and a good one, too. Introducing an endearing and warm-hearted heroine, not necessarily someone I can or want to identify with but definitely a person that Iíd like to call my friend. And Manny? Well, he is my first Mexican-American hero, and I found him irresistible.

With the second book in the Operation Rockabye series, Linda Conrad has turned into an author that Iím more than happy to follow. I'm looking forward to Secrets, LiesÖand Passion in autumn.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Kris Alice.

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