by Evangeline Anderson

March 2006
ISBN: 978-1-59632-241-7
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Tampa Homicide Detective, Alex Reed, leads a secret life. By day she is a tough as nails cop, by night she writes and publishes erotica under the name of Victoria Tarlatan. Her writing allows Alex to explore highly erotic fantasies of Bondage and Submission, fantasies she considers shameful. No one knows of her secret desires to be tied down and mastered. No one but her reader audience…

Detective Cole Berkley is Alex’s partner and best friend. Helping each other through difficult times - Cole’s divorce and Alex’s fathers suicide- they share a deep bond. Cole knows he can rely on his partner to watch his back at any time. Despite their close relationship, Cole knows nothing of Alex desire to be mastered.

Tracking a serial killer who ties his victims to the bed in bondage poses and tortures them before death, Cole and Alex discover the only way to crack the case is to go undercover posing as Master and Slave. When Alex’s secret desires become known to her partner, Cole must decide whether he can give Alex what she needs.

As the sexual tension ignites between them, Alex’s life is in danger. The killer has chosen his next victim, the author Victoria Tartalan. She is next on his list of women who he ‘transforms‘, women who dare to share their fantasies with the world. Can Alex trust Cole enough to save her life and take care of her Dangerous Cravings?

Dangerous Cravings is a sensual, sizzling and sinfully erotic novel! Although based around the somewhat thorny issue of BDSM- a genre not usually found at the core of a romance novel - at the centre of the storyline lies a heart warming romance. Ms. Anderson intertwines suspense, intrigue and sexual tension perfectly. So much so that I found this book a real page turner, finding myself not content with reading merely a few pages at a time, but a few chapters!

‘Straight laced’ ex-marine, Cole, proves to be the perfect Alpha dominant, to Alex’s secret submissive. The relationship these two characters have is heart warming and touching - partners at work, best friends in their private lives. That is until Cole discovers Alex’s secret need. When their feelings are finally admitted and they reach the bedroom, the passion literally sizzles off the page! With every turned page you find yourself rooting for these two to be together. To give each other what they both need.

Dangerous Cravings is a highly engaging, rip roaring, erotic read. The emotional struggles the characters endure are laced with a liberal amount of witty banter, that had me smiling for hours afterwards. If you like books with a suspenseful storyline, excellent characterization and some carnal, spicy sex, Dangerous Cravings is guaranteed to satisfy your hunger!

Reviewed in May 2006 by Donna.

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