by Evangeline Anderson

March 2006
ISBN: 1-59578-207-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Liquid Silver

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Pathologist Kate McKinley and profiler Phillip Paxton have been partners in a D.C. police department for six years. They work so well together in fact they are occasionally loaned out to other police departments all over the country. For the past few weeks Kate has been having the same erotic dream, over and over, every night and she’s gotten to the point she’s exhausted. Phillip keeps asking what’s wrong, but she refuses to admit to anything more than strange dreams keeping her awake.

When a serial murder continues to elude the Biloxi police, Kate and Phillip are requested. Since the department won’t pay air fare, the two are in for a long drive. Phillip experiences first hand one of her dreams, and her reaction to it. And when it’s his name she cries out he’s shocked. He’s secretly been in love with her for years, but wasn’t willing to risk losing both his partner and best friend with an admission.

After days in close proximity, Phillip finally forces Kate to open up, and she reveals something which happened to her as a child which prevents her from touching herself, and which also labeled her as a ‘Dirty Girl’. Unable to get past this, she’s not even able to find any physical release from the effects of the dreams. Phillip tries to remain professional when every cell of his being wants nothing more than to take this woman into his arms and do everything in his power to take away her pain.

This story is written in first person, alternating between both main characters, enabling us to see each of their thoughts and feelings. While definitely erotic, it’s also an exploration into a woman’s troubled sexuality. The friendship and insecurities of both Kate and Phillip make this friends-to-lovers story a very satisfying read.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Jackie.

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