by Catherine Mann

September 2002
ISBN: 0-373-272456
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1175
Mass Market Paperback

With Graysonís Surrender, Catherine Mann moved to the very top of my list for must-buy-authors, and I have the feeling that she is there to stay. Not as light-hearted as her debut release Wedding At White Sands, this one is more intense, plunging right into the action and taking the reader on an exciting and arousing flight.

Lori Ruthledge and Grayson Clark are former lovers. But when a rescue mission and one little orphaned girl bring them back together a year later it becomes obvious that the attraction never faded.

Gray fulfilled his lifeís ambitions by becoming a flight surgeon, and even though he is attracted to Lori and happy over another chance of getting her between the sheets, heís too afraid to repeat his fatherís mistakes. He is committed to the Air Force and unwilling to inflict any suffering on a wife and children. Itís a dangerous profession.

Lori is a social worker whose only dream is that of a family - a home, a husband and a child. Things, which she believes Gray grew up with but is unwilling to share, not knowing that his perfect childhood is only a faÁade, hiding a family unhappy and in pain. Always with a ready smile, a love for children and a passion for his profession, a body to swoon over and kisses to send her soaring, Gray is picture-perfect husband material. Now he only has to take life and love more seriously and give their relationship a chance. And how can you not love a guy that goes shopping for Barbies and pink overalls, stays over to assemble a dollhouse and stays put in sickness and health?

Ms. Mannís warmth and understanding for her characters Ďproblemsí shine through her dialogue and her excellent characterization, providing me with a first glimpse of an exciting world and its larger than life characters. Graysonís Surrender only whetted my appetite for more to come. I sure would love to read more of those breathtaking flight scenes. ;-)

Ms. Mannís second SIM release is very emotional and touching. More than once did I find myself breathless and close to tears. Itís an extremely powerful story and very personal, providing me with a glimpse into Ms. Mannís world, into her life as wife to an Air Force aviator husband.

Can you tell Iím impressed? You bet! Her stories just work. And her characters? I canít think of better ones. With a style of her own - so very unique and beautiful to behold in its rhythm and choice of words - itís obvious that Catherine Mann is a major talent.

Donít miss out on her first books and the start of a series that will have romance readers enthuse over a bright new star. Do surrender to her books, her writing, and her talent!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Kris Alice.

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