by Sydney Somers

March 2006
ISBN: 1-933874-16-3
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Amidurah is back for the final battle to be waged. Will mankind win by way of the Watchtowers, or will Amidurah be able to defeat the last hope that the inhabitants of Earth have left?

Thane Denton has lived for centuries and knows that he is one of the few select people standing between the death of billions and the continuation of the race of man. He has seen Amidurah defeated three times and knows that the hardest battle is the one to come. He needs to find Earthís Watchtower or all will be lost. Thinking that he has found her in Shania Blackfoot causes different emotions to invade him. He has seen that with each Watchtower the men in their lives aid them in defeating Amidurah and he thinks that Shania has such a man out there, but it isnít him.

Shania has spent years using her gifts to help others, but now Thane has pushed his way into her life and tells her that she is the final pawn in a game that will determine what happens to the Earth and the inhabitants within it. Not only that, Thane makes her burn and slowly belief starts to come into play. What no one is aware of is another battle that has waged for thousands of years; causing death, betrayal and destruction to run rampant wherever it touches. Thane is part of this battle and until he can unlock the secrets that buried within his mind, the battle will not be won and victory may very well slip for their very hands.

Watchtowers: Earth is the final installment in this thrillingly suspenseful and daringly decadent series. Each book pushes the danger and steam more than the last while still giving hope that good will win over evil in the end. Watchtowers: Earth really surprised me. I always believed that there was more to Thane that met the eye and I am happy to say that I was correct. The twists and turns that this story takes will make sure that the reader is wowed and captivated until the last page. This installment includes everything to make a readers pulse rocket and palms sweat; steamy passion, horrific betrayal, thrilling love, painful loss and every other emotion that will pull at the reader. A definite must read and one that is going on my keeper shelf immediately!

Reviewed in July 2006 by Angel.

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