by Victoria Dark

March 2006
ISBN: 1-4199-0553-8
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Ari vows to kill Fox Grandquest because she is sure he killed the man she loved. Ari pretends she had lost her memory after being shot and she is staying at Grandquest's mansion. He thinks she cannot remember who she is though he needs to find out.

This is a historical romance set during the Napoleonic wars and is filled with intrigue, plot and counter plot. No one is who they appear to be in this tale and it takes a little while to sort out the characters.

Ari and Fox Grandquest are passionately attracted to each other quite quickly in the story. This is not a bad thing as they sure have an electric quality between them. But Ari has to pretend she is still a maiden not a widow if her charade is to continue so consuming their love has to wait. I felt that he had to see through her pretence at this point but he didn't.

The secondary characters of Ben and Toby don't seem convincing enough to me. They are supposed to be Grandquest's trusted aides and fully embroiled in the intrigue with him but Ben acts like a teenager around Ari and she can convince him far too easily of anything she wants. Doesn't seem like a reliable spy to me!!

Intrigue in a story is good but I felt I had trouble following the story and all its twists and turns and I lost the thread a few times. Another problem I had with the story was the number of characters in it and trying to remember where they fitted into the story and what their purpose was. The ending does tie up all loose ends and is quite satisfactory.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Mary.

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