by Delilah Devlin

March 2006
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The Compound has been invaded. Her child ripped from her belly and kidnapped all Darcy can think of its safety while she lay dying. It wasnít another vampire faction that invaded, it was the werewolves. And Max Weir, the only werewolf allowed in the Compound, knows that the only way to determine who is behind this hated crime, and stop a full blown war that has been brewing for more years than he can remember, is to turn to his pack for answers. Now his only worry is getting out alive.

Alec Weir has more on his plate that he wants to deal with. With Max firmly entrenched in the enemies camp, Alec has taken over leadership of the pack as well as the job of Sheriff on Dark Mountain. Now his brother comes with a vampire by his side and just expects to be welcomed back into the pack that has a long-standing hatred for vampires? And his chosen mate, who was at one time Maxís play toy, still shows feelings for Max. Now all he has to do is find a way to get Max out of trouble, find the traitor in the pack that caused the death of Darcy, and make sure that Stasia understands that no matter what he is the dominant Alpha in the pack and Maxís time as leader is over. All in all, easier said than done.

The sixth book in this sensational My Immortal Knight series, Silver Bullet eclipses all the other stories with its intensity, plot, and intrigue. Delilah Devlin pulled out all the stops in this story, and will definitely keep the reader demanding more. I went through a rollercoaster of emotion reading Silver Bullet. The depths of pain and anger that ricochet throughout the beginning are enough to make even the most hardened heart tremble. While continuing where the last book ended and throwing the characters into a maelstrom of emotion, Ms. Devlin introduces two new characters that are sure to capture a place in readers hearts. Stasia is a wonderfully inventive and intriguing character. Accepting her place within the pack with ill concealed grace, she still manages to twist Alec this way and that. But Alecís character is no slouch. Alpha to the core, Stasia is his, and he will keep her at any costs. Even if it means unleashing his beast on her. Just gives me the shivers to think about it. If you want a story to make you shiver in all the right places, then Silver Bullet is the story for you.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Angel.

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