by Stephanie Rowe

May 2006
ISBN: 0-446-61766-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Justine Bennett has been the Guardian of the Goblet of Eternal Youth for two hundred years. Two hundred very long men deprived years in which the only company Justine’s been allowed is that of her successor, who is currently trapped in the form of a dragon. Her job requires her to kill all those who covet the goblet, although currently it’s technically not a goblet but an espresso machine named Mona. But she finds herself hesitating when Derek LaValle comes in search of the Guardian.

Derek LaValle refuses to let the curse that has plagued the men of his family take him as well. All the men die a few weeks before their thirty-second birthday. And after years of having sought a way to combat his fate he has come upon information that may just save him from certain death. Information that indicates Derek may have to behead someone to save himself. But once he meets the Guardian of the Goblet of Eternal Youth Derek becomes a bit more intrigued by her than by his quest although he won’t allow his attraction to her stand in his way because not only his life in danger but his twin brother's as well.

Date Me, Baby, One More Time was a funny adventure that will have readers laughing about Derek and Justine’s undeniable attraction for each other and their unwavering resolve to do what’s right. Justine’s sidekick Theresa’s bloodthirsty nature and lust for men add to the hilarity of the story and will leave readers with big grins on their faces. This is my first time reading a novel by Stephanie Rowe but I doubt it will be my last. Stephanie Rowe created fantastic central characters that are willing to do what is right no matter the personal cost, as well as a story that will not fail to bring laughter to readers.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Claudia.

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