by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

July 2006
ISBN: 0-446-61729-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Hatchette Book Group (Warner)
Mass Market Paperback

Scotland, the far north

Autumn 1344

Hugh Alesone, Bastard of Drumodyn was dead, and Lady Mariota Macnicol was running for her life! Having defied her father to become the leman of Hugh, Mariota could not seek out her powerful warlord sire’s help for what Hugh’s men sought to do to her for murdering their laird, Hugh. Only Mariota knew she had been framed for Hugh’s death. Nonetheless, his men would not listen to her flimsy defense, so Mariota fled with her friend, Nessa who aided in her escape from Drumodyn castle. Finding refuge in the long abandoned keep at Cuidrach, it was soon after a party of knights arrived from the MacKenzie clan. The new Keeper of Cuidrach was Duncan MacKenzie’s (the Black Stag himself) bastard nephew, Kenneth. Just what Mariota needed, another bastard to fall in love with!

One look at the lovely nude apparition leaning out the tower window of Cuidrach, and Sir Kenneth MacKenzie was lost. She was the most beautiful woman Kenneth had ever seen, and what luck she was now under his protection as Keeper of Cuidrach! Fabricating a tale of being the widow of Hugh,(just a stretch of the truth), Lady Mariota was more then happy to accept Sir Kenneth’s offer of shelter in his keep. Omitting various other details of how she and Nessa came to be at Cuidrach, Mariota fell fast and hard for the handsome noble Kenneth. Kenneth knew he needed to make this beauty his lady, but also knew he needed to win her trust first.

Until the Knight Comes is the latest in Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s novels of the mystical Highlands of Scotland. Not as action packed or even flowing as its predecessors, Until the Knight Comes does have the key elements we have come to expect in her erotically saucy tales of the ancient Scots. The romance between Lady Mariota and Sir Kenneth involves little if no chase, as both realize they are in love as soon as they set eyes upon one another. There could have been more depth to the story if that issue had not been put to rest early on in the book, however, Until the Knight Comes is a quick delicious read that reunites the reader with the popular MacKenzie clan.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Bonnie.

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