by Beth Orsoff

April 2006
ISBN: 0-451-21774-8
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library
Trade Paperback

Julie Burns is an L.A. entertainment lawyer who has recently been dumped by her boyfriend. Now reentering the dating world, her friends tell her she is too picky. Men are all the same. Just pick one with a nice package, she is encouraged.

Itís not that easy. John, the man she meets on a plane, takes her out to a health club for their first date. He promises her dinner only if she joins the club. Instead, she ends up in the E.R. David, the cute E.R. doctor takes her on a flight and dinner out. But he almost kills them on the flight back since he doesnít know how to land a plane. And then thereís Joe, a bartender who somehow ends up with Julieís bra and her phone number.

In desperation, Julie joins a dating service, but for her first date the man never shows up. Julie becomes convinced that finding love is just a ďnumberís gameĒ and that her chances will increase if she does anything necessary. Hitting on guys at the mall. Accepting blind dates. The wonderful world of the Internet. Julie will do anything to meet her man. Will Julie ever find anyone she can love?

I thought Romantically Challenged would be a fun read. It has these cute little conversation hearts on the cover and looks really entertaining. The story wasnít bad, but it wasnít one of the best Iíd ever read either. Julie is a quirky lawyer, almost too desperate to get a man, yet she wonít give men a decent chance. If they do one thing she doesnít like on the first date, theyíre out of there, so she turns down some really decent guys. What I didnít like about Romantically Challenged is at times it seemed almost telling and I couldnít get into the story at all. The book would have been a lot funnier if I had been able to get into the scenes.

However, Romantically Challenged is a cute chick lit with a few laugh out loud moments. I donít think chick lit fans will find it too big of a disappointment, but I canít give it top ratings either. It does have many quirky dating disasters, so if you feel your love life is rotten, you might want to pick up Romantically Challenged just so you know it could be a lot worse.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Laura.

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