by Jocelyn Kelley

May 2006
ISBN: 0-451-21827-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

St. Jude’s Abbey is no mere sanctuary for young women who want to serve God. Established by Eleanor of Aquitane, the religious order serves a second calling - that of Her Majesty. Two sisters have already been called to assist the Queen, and the abbey residents are wondering who will be next. War has erupted between King Henry and his sons, with Eleanor siding with her offspring. This act of disloyalty has only served to cause more friction within one of history’s most dysfunctional families. Other nobles are divided between the warring factions as they try to determine who will prevail.

Awakened from sleep by the sound of horses, Mallory de Saint-Sebastian prepares to defend her sisters from the intruders. She is stunned to find that the Queen has returned to St. Jude’s, seeking her help as a personal bodyguard. She vows to fulfill her assignment to the best of her abilities.

Keeping her vows will be rather difficult, however, since the Queen appears to be in serious danger. Mallory must not only discover who is behind the recent attacks, but she must also fight her growing attraction to Saxon Fitz-Juste, the royal jongleur. Despite his skill with a lute and the ladies, Saxon is definitely not to be underestimated. There is much more to him than a pretty face.

A Moonlit Knight is a winning addition to the series on St. Jude’s Abbey. Author Jocelyn Kelley has given us a heroine to admire in Mallory. With each book focusing on a different weapon and set of skills, Ms. Kelley keeps her readers entertained. This era in history has a fascination for many people, and readers who are unfamiliar with it can catch a glimpse of the events through this series. I am pleased to note that a fourth book, Rock the Knight, is scheduled for a January 2007 release.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Paula.

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