by Judy Mays

July 2002
ISBN: 1-59088-909-6
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Just like her previous books, Celtic Rendezvous and Rhythm Divine, Ms. Mays has penned a wonderful read with this one and it will keep you turning the pages and wanting to read it all in one sitting!

Karalyn (Kara) Marshall is the mysterious “Midnight Angel”, a famous highwaywoman who robs the hated Redcoats and gives the booty to the poor. Kara and her brother Robert have sworn to get revenge on the men who killed their parents years ago, leaving them to be raised by the town’s Reverend. Robert buys a commission into the King’s Horse Dragoons in London and hopes that, there, he will find clues that might lead to the unmasking of their parents’ murderer.

Adrian Warrick, Marquis of Ravenrock, has spent years in the guise of a pirate, sailing the Seas while searching out and killing those men who were deemed a danger to the English crown. His past haunts him and he’s ready for rest. Finally on his journey home he runs into a detour --- and meeting an intriguing highwaywoman is the last thing he expects to happen. “Angel” fascinates him, and their kiss leaves him so enthralled that he follows her from Bodmin Moor to London. There, he meets his aunt’s niece Kara and is captivated despite his determination to find “Angel.”

The last thing Kara wants is for Adrian to find out about her secret life. When it happens, and she marries him, readers are left --- temporarily --- to think the “happily-ever-after” is in immediate sight for the two lovers. But, it’s not. The past has reared its ugly head again and the enemy is determined to finish what was started --- to the point of following Adrian and Kara back to the scene of the crime all those years ago --- Bodmin Moor.

Ms. Mays has a wonderful talent of vividly portraying characters and scenes so that a reader is immediately drawn into the story. The love between Kara and Adrian is deep and passionate, and the plot’s suspense is interwoven into the story around their love. This reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it to any who love a passionate love story in the historical romance genre.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Kari.

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