by Evangeline Anderson

March 2006
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Krisa Elyison is aboard the Star Princess on her way to Lynix Prime to marry a man she has never met. She’s spent the last several years at Briar Rose Finishing Academy where she’s been trained to be the perfect wife. At the age of thirteen Lord Radisson bought her contract, and now at twenty-one years of age, she’s old enough to marry.

Upon boarding the ship she spies a man chained to the wall and finds herself very curious about the stranger. Kurt Teague is a Feral, a race born into captivity. He’s spent most of his life on the run and now, after being recaptured, is on his way back to prison.

In order to make the long distance trip, the passengers are put into cryo-sleep. The night before this is to happen Krisa is accosted by a fellow passenger. After escaping she sneaks to the holding bay wanting to find a memento of her mother. Once there she speaks with Teague and even shows him kindness.

Krisa returns to her chamber and prepares for cryo sleep. When she wakes suddenly she realizes the ship has crashed and her chamber has broken open. She makes her way to the holding bay and finds that Teague has escaped. But when she is attacked he makes his way back to save her. Then he gives her the choice of staying there where all manner of wild creature could get to her, or to come with him into the jungle. Taking a chance, she agrees to go with him.

Krisa and Teague are almost immediately on the run for their lives, and Teague, despite his scary reputation, does everything in his power to keep her safe. On their journey they both learn more and more about each other and Krisa is disturbed by how her body is beginning to react to him.

Planet X is almost a combination of historical romance and sci-fi adventure. Though is takes place in the future, Krisa’s education and beliefs are very much in keeping with the Regency era. The first sex scene is gently led up to in an extremely satisfying way. This is a book you certainly don’t want to miss out on and once you pick it up the fast pace and stimulating scenes will make it almost impossible to put down. A definite summer treat!

Reviewed in July 2006 by Jackie.

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