by Rhyannon Byrd

March 2006
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Within the hidden confined of the Wicket Woods a cursed warrior in the form of a unicorn awaits. To be set free from his curse he must anointed his fabled horn in the blood of a maiden to be set free. Like most curses, there is always a hidden danger. By anointing his horn and being set free, the fabled warrior will be mortal, and if he dies before his maiden freely gives her love, he is doomed forever.

Tess Laurent canít stop the yearning she has for freedom from the madman that holds both her and her sister, nor can she stop the longing that she feels for her dream lover. She knows that she only has one chance to free them both, but when she finally gets her chance at freedom, it comes at a price. Setting free her fabled sidhe warrior Zarnak brings danger and passion into her life. The carnal cravings he awakens within her canít be denied, but with the threat of her sisterís death hanging over her head, she must decide if she can place her trust in the mighty warrior that has claimed her as his own. Now she knows that not only does her sisterís fate hang within the boundary of her trust, but so does Zarnakís and her own.

Not all fairy tales start out with a good beginning, which is why people love them so much. Horn of the Unicorn incorporates all that readers love in a story; love, sex, hate, murder, and beginning. Zarnak is a too die for Alpha male that will have readers panting with anticipation for his next move. Tess is what an Alpha female should be; loving, protective, a spine of steel, and deadly to the core. When push comes to shove, these two characters give as good as they get. If you want to read a fairy tale that will fire your juices and satiate your thirst for intrigue and murder, than Horn of the Unicorn is the story for you.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Angel.

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