by Josie Litton

June 2002
ISBN: 0-553-58390-5
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Trade Paperback

Dream Island was Ms. Litton’s first book in this fascinating trilogy about the mysterious, magical and exotic island kingdom of Akora, and we return there --- excited to begin another adventure with her wonderful characters.

Starting out, in England and the year 1812, we meet again Alex and Joanna (from Dream Island), and Kassandra and Royce. Princess Kassandra is finding London society a fascinating world and she’s excited to meet her first “real knight”. But Royce, Earl of Hawkforte isn’t exactly her image of a perfect knight. When she has one of her “visions”, Kassandra is shocked to discover that Royce is the very man who has haunted her waking dreams --- and the man she’ll need in the days to come. And, despite a bad memory of the nine months he was held captive in Akora, Royce finds himself just as captivated with Kassandra.

Royce and Kassandra’s attraction is instant, and continues to heatedly grow the more they are together. But Kassandra has seen a “vision” of her own dire future and that Akora’s future was wrought with danger, and she has to make a choice --- hold onto the fragile love she has found with Royce or return to help save Akora from the imminent and bloody invasion of the British.

Told in the Regency era of England, Ms. Litton interweaves the fascinating fantasy world of Akora and blends the two worlds together with vivid descriptions and wonderful prose. The plot is as riveting as the first book, as Royce and Kassandra race against time to discover a traitor and save Akora’s future. Ms. Litton’s characters are vividly real and enigmatic, the love story passionate and endearing.

Kingdom of Moonlight is a wonderful read into a world that’s almost fairy-tale with its enchanting plot. Readers will love the allegory of strong, death-defying knights fighting the “dragon” of evil, and the beautiful, loyal and brave Princess that fights right along beside him. A definite recommendation for those who love Regency, Historical, and Fantasy reads! This reviewer eagerly looks forward to her next book in this series titled Castles in the Mist.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Kari.

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