by Dee Davis

January 2001
ISBN: 0-8041-1966-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Ivy Books
Mass Market Paperback

Alex Madison is dead. Swallowed up by an angry ocean he leaves a screaming wife on the shoreline, and his dark shadow lying across her future. Kacy McGrath has tried desperately to build a new life for herself, and for two years has managed to disappear into the anonymity of a little Irish village, but inevitably the horrors of her past pursue her, even to this charming village and her cottage on the cliffs.

Kacy hides many secrets, from others and from herself, so it's no surprise that Braedon Roche senses from the first that there are concealed depths to this sprite of a woman he's come so far to find. Others are looking for Kacy as well, and in the early stages of this book it gets a little confusing as to who is looking for whom and why. The plot is complex but becomes clearer as the characters' personalities develop. Dee Davis has a talent for allowing her characters to grow naturally through the pages of her work - her readers watch as Kacy struggles to comprehend the magnitude of the situation she finds herself in, and learns that love with the right man is a very good thing. Braedon is straightforward in many ways, and not afraid to face the emotion that is building inside him for Kacy, even though it flies in the face of his earlier suppositions. Both Braedon and Kacy are crisp, likeable characters, acting much as we would if we were in their shoes. It was especially delightful to see a heroine, at last, allowing her love for the hero to permit her to trust him even though the odds were against him. Thanks, Dee, I've been waiting a long time to see a sensible woman admit that the guy she's in love with is probably OK even though he waited before telling her the whole truth!!!!

Ms. Davis' books are tough on reviewers because the plots are carefully crafted and do not deserve to be discussed at any great length. To do so would spoil the surprises that are tucked away in this charming novel, but it wouldn't give anything away to reveal that the story revolves around art forgeries, or that the love affair between Braedon and Kacy is as genuine as it gets! There are villains galore, delightful Irish characters (and pubs), and the language of this book is clearly that of an author who has done her research most thoroughly! Interestingly enough, when it came to the plot, I had another suspect in mind as the villain - and was quite surprised to learn that I could still be wrong after reading so many suspense stories. I offer my congratulations to Dee Davis for reminding me that sometimes it's best just to enjoy the story rather than try and outthink the characters! After Twilight grabbed me very early on and didn't let go until the end - I just had to finish this book in one sitting, and it was no hardship because I was so engrossed that the chapters just flew. If you like your romances liberally seasoned with taut suspense, then this is definitely the book for you!!

Reviewed in December 2001 by Celia.

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