by Judi McCoy

May 2006
ISBN: 0-06-077425-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Even with the immortals on Mount Olympus, there are certain required job standards. Zeus says it is time for the century employee review and he is not happy with some of the demi-goddesses. Kyra, the Muse of Good Fortune, is sent to Earth to inspire humans to believe in good luck or she may be mucking out stalls on Mount Olympus for all eternity. Kyra is sent to Las Vegas, the capital of luck, both bad and good. She only has one year and she has to be careful to not get too emotionally involved with humans. She does not have to worry too much about revealing who she really is, since who would believe the truth?

All goes well until Kyra is paired with Jake Lennox to work on a big promotional event called “Voice of Vegas” for the casino where they both worked, the Acropolis. Jake has his own secrets and agenda. He is a former professional gambler who is now helping the casino owner investigate some unexplained financial losses.

Kyra is an intelligent, “take charge” woman, but she does have a tender heart for underdogs. She tries to keep Jake on a business level, but he is hard to resist. Jake is good at his job, strong and ethical. He is attracted to Kyra immediately and cannot understand her reserve, but he is persistent and a man who vows to go after what he wants. His alpha male persona is tempered glimpses at his tender side, especially with his mother.

If we are honest, we all love fairy tales. This latest whimsical creation from Ms. McCoy is a perfect mix of mythology, spicy love story and humor. Paranormal stories have been become hot bestsellers as a sub-genre of romance and Almost a Goddess is an excellent example of why this has become a trend. The author has done her research well and given readers a look at casino life in an entertaining way. I became a huge fan of Ms. McCoy with her Wanted series and I will continue to view her as a “must read” author.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Roberta.

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