by Michele Ann Young

June 2006
ISBN: 1594144605
Reviewer Graphic Button Five Star

London, 1817

Simon St. John, nicknamed Satan, the seventh Earl of Travis, didnít want to duel with Michael Yelverton, but here he was. He had no intention of killing Michael or anyone else, he intentionally aimed wrong. He just wounded Michael. The next thing Simon knew Michael put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. He knew people would blame him, this was nothing new to him, people have been blaming him for misfortunes all of his life. What he didnít count on was now being the guardian of Michaelsí sister, Victoria.

Victoria Yelverton is furious, not only has she lost her brother in a senseless duel, she is homeless and very near penniless. When Simon proposes he becomes her guardian, just until she can find a suitable husband, she wants to throttle him. She does not want to marry, she wants her brother back. If she does not agree to this, Simon will find her a husband himself and she may not like his choice of a mate.

While in Simon's care, Victoria senses some well-hidden secret Simon does not want anyone to know about, including her. They do have a love/hate relationship going on. When the carriage they are in is intentionally run-off the road and Victoria is seriously injured, Simon knows he wants her, but is afraid of loving anyone because of his past. Victoria starts to see Simon in a different light, when he cares for her after the accident, maybe, just maybe they can have a future together. Certain events happen though, and Victoria believes he is just toying with her. She decides to look for a position as a governess.

When Victoria is abducted, Simon is shot in the back, and they are holed up in a room in Wales. Because of the amount of blood Simon has lost, Simon and Victoria have time to talk and get to know each other. Someone is out to get Simon, but the person who is responsible is the last person he would have suspected. Will the person be successful next time? Simon needs to face his past, in order to have a future with or without Victoria. Victoria needs to know what has made Simon so bitter about love. There are a couple of very hot love acts between Simon and Victoria.

This was an interesting book. I have not read many regency books. This one kept me wanting to know what would happen to Simon and Victoria. The characters were proper, but not stuffy. The ladies were true ladies and the men were gentlemen. No disappointments with Pistols at Dawn.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Pat.

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