by Kate Angell

June 2006
ISBN: 0-505-52667-0
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Mass Market Paperback

After winning the World Series, Richmond Rogues baseball player Risk Kincaid is heading home to Frostproof, Florida to win over the woman of his dreams, Jacy Grayson. Ever since high school, when Risk helped Jacy recover from a broken heart, he’s been her rebound lover. But now he wants more. He wants Jacy permanently and forever.

Coffee shop owner Jacy has been in love with Risk Kincaid since high school. She’s hidden it well, always pretending she only needs him after a relationship gone wrong, when what she really needs, what she really wants, is to declare her love to Risk. However, they’ve kept their relationship casual for so long, she’s afraid of losing him.

With Risk back in Frostproof for an annual town charity event, it looks like the perfect opportunity has arisen. Will Jacy and Risk get their acts together and show each other what is in their hearts?

Squeeze Play begins a new trilogy from contemporary romance author Kate Angell. Jacy and Risk share spectacular chemistry and watching them try to offer their hearts to the other is humorous and romantic. Kate Angell is a certainly a master at engaging the reader. Her characters and setting provide a wonderful atmosphere in which to lose your heart. Though it was a bit frustrating watching these two long-time lovers work up the courage to declare their love, it was also realistic. Love is never easy, as both Jacy and Risk learn. Kate Angell puts this notion to the test as Jacy and Risk attempt to find ways to show their feelings.

Kate Angell also includes an equally absorbing and special secondary romance between Jacy’s friend Stevie, and Risk’s teammate, Zen. It’s almost as if you are getting two wonderful and ardent books all combined in this one story. I am already eagerly anticipating what Ms. Angell has in store for the next book in this series.

Squeeze Play is a delicious treat of a story you won’t want to pass up. Baseball, love, friendship, and good coffee…what more could readers ask for in their summertime reading? Kate Angell’s star is on the rise.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Sarah.

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