by Lucy Monroe

July 2006
ISBN: 0-373-23312-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

After three years of marriage Princess Therese Scorsolini has told her husband that they need to divorce. It is not that she does not love her husband, Claudio but she thinks she cannot live up to her responsibility as a princess but also as his wife. She has been hiding a medical problem from everyone. Therese wants to protect her husband and will do anything to accomplish that goal. In her heart it means she may have to give him up, for her love for him is that strong.

Prince Claudio Scorsolini has been in the public eye all of his life. The affection that he shows Therese is in private, for there is no public affection. So when she asked for a divorce he did not understand why. There was no other man that he was aware of but he will find out. He does not admit he loves Therese but he is very protective of her and will do anything to protect her. He married her after having her completely checked out by a private investigator. He even went so far as to have tests done to make sure that there would be children. So now he wonders why she wants a divorce?

What will it take for the Prince and Princess to learn that they do love each other? Will Prince Claudio find out about Therese’s medical problem? If so how will he react? Will their passion for each other rule their future? What about Prince Claudio’s siblings - will they be able to help him?

There are many questions between the pages of this Lucy Monroe book. I was not able to put down The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain until I completed the book. I really hated to have to say good-bye to the characters, not only in this book but the series too. Sorry but this book stays on my keeper shelf, you will have to purchase your own, but I know it will also be a keeper for you.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Theresa.

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