by Tamara Gray

February 2006
ISBN: 1-58608-816-5
Reviewer Graphic Button New Concepts Publishing

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Samantha Houston’s introduction into the world of vampires and Lycans almost cost her her life – it may yet cost her her humanity. On the hunt for the werewolf who can save her life, Samantha cuts a bloody swath through the paranormal community. Still reeling from all that has happened to her, an ancient vampire prophecy turns her life upside down and just may get her killed—again. Unless she can find her werewolf, control her new powers, and reconcile her relationship with Sion Baptiste, her vampire lover.

To make matters even worse the Lycans lead by her enemy Adeem and the vampires lead Sion Baptiste are racing to get their hands—or paws—on her. ‘Cause whoever gets to her first will rule the paranormal world and maybe the human one, too.

Tamara Gray’s follow up to The Silver Fang titledThe Wolves Den keeps the pages rolling and the tension jacked up so high you’ll get a vicarious adrenaline rush. Wisecracking Sam will keep you engaged from the get go. You may wonder at some point why Sion Baptiste puts up with her crap but her reluctant loyalty will explain it. Tamara Gray is definitely an author to watch.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Cynthia.

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