by Cathryn Fox

March 2006
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When Allyís cousin goes about making the life of the people of Belhaven scared of the witches that have been in the midst for years, it is up to Ally to stop her. Little does she know that she will be seeing her cousin again in a few years at their ten-year class reunion.

Allyís cousin had trapped the men on silken webs, then she had her way with them. She had an array of sex toys at her disposable. When Ally enters the mansion once again to vanquish her cousin, instead of her cousin she finds the love of her life, Tanner, entangled on a web.

But there seems to be a problem, Tanner doesnít know who she is. How can he have forgotten their love for each other? Their plans for a future? So what does any woman do in that situation, she wants her revenge, to make him suffer the way she did all those years ago.

It seems the web isnít as controlling of its victims as Ally thought and soon it was she in the web instead of Tanner. Once the tables are turned though, Tanner still doesnít know Ally.

Ms. Fox has given us a great short story in Web of Desire. That good can overcome evil. And that love between two people isnít easily pushed away because of a spell. They are still attracted to each other, even though one might not know the other. The feelings are still there. And with the web, it is just the beginning of Ally and Tanner making up for those lost years.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Pam.

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