by Anne Stuart

August 2002
ISBN: 1-55166-908-0
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Mass Market Paperback

In 1982, three teenage girls were murdered at Still Lake, Colby, Vermont and Thomas Ingram Griffin (Griffin) was arrested and put in jail.

Twenty years later, Sophie Davis purchases the old inn Stonegate Farm at Still Lake, refurnishes it and plans to reopen in September. She also decides to buy the Whitten House that is located on the other side of Still Lake but John Smith, a stranger Griffin is masquerading as, rents the house before Sophie has enough money to buy it.

Sophie is a woman who takes her responsibility very seriously. She mortgages her life in taking care of her mother, Grace and her stepsister, Marty. Her family always comes first and at the age of 30, she still remains a virgin.

After spending five years in jail, the conviction of Griffin overturns and he is released on a legal technicality. He tries to forget his past but it keeps haunting him. Finally, he returns to Still Lake to find out the truth and clear his name for a crime that he never committed.

At the same time, the real killer of the murders is still in town and waiting to strike again.

"She would die, and be born again in rapture."

Still Lake starts off with an unsolved murder in a beautiful Vermont town. The whole story is swirled around and clouded with suspense and mysteries. It isn't difficult to identify the real killer but you won't be sure until you read through the book. The portion of romance is quite little when comparing to the suspense and mysteries. If you prefer a novel with more suspense than romance, Still Lake is what you are looking for.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Rose.

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