by Lynsay Sands

July 2006
ISBN: 0-06-077407-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

The Argeneauís are back, and they have brought with them a whole new cast of characters that are going to have readers in stitches and shivers.

Vincent Argeneau is dealing with a big problem. Someone is setting fires to his stages, pouring pain on costumes, hurting actors, and now actors/actresses are developing contagious anemia. Vincent doesnít know what to do about the problem so he calls his cousin Bastien who has just the answer. PI Jackie Morrisey, one of the few humanís that know the secret lives that members of the Argeneau family and others share. The only problem that Vincent has is that Jackie is a woman and mortal, and decidedly too sexy for him to be able to concentrate.

Jackie knows that humans are not the top of the food chain. Having been introduced into the vampiric world that she lives in by her PI father, she has carved her own niche into society and works for both mortals and immortals alike. Her biggest problem is that she doesnít completely trust the immortals that she works for and the current one is bringing up long buried emotions that may cause problems, especially when the person sabotaging Vincent goes from attacking the plays to attacking the people close to him. Now Jackie has got to be on her toes, but the stakes have risen, and if she isnít careful she could very well be the next person that gets taken out of the game.

When it comes to writing tantalizingly wicked vampire stories, Lynsay Sands takes the prize. Her characters are always engaging and the story line is explosive. Add in the dashes of danger and destruction and you have a killer story. Vincent and Jackie are some of her best characters to date. Vincent is absolutely hilarious and irreverent; he takes things in stride but has tunnel vision when it comes to Jackie. He knows that he wants her and he is going to get her, he just has to get by her barriers to do it. Jackie is a strongly independent and surprisingly complex character, but she does let the past rule her a little too much. Throw in some new and immensely tempting characters, and A Bite To Remember becomes an instant hit! Two thumbs up for Lynsay Sands and her latest in the Argeneau series.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Angel.

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