by Erin McCarthy

August 2006
ISBN: 0425210138
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Ethan Carrick is the presiding president for the vampire population and is hoping to be reelected. When he realizes Brittany Baldizzi, his dentist, is an Impure – one born of a human and vampire mating – he decides courting and eventually marrying her would give his political position much more strength with the Impure population. But he quickly learns she bores him to death.

When Alexis, Brittany’s sister – and polar opposite – comes striding into his office, demanding he set her sister free, he finds her much more appealing. Her aggressive attitude and determination is so very different from the simpering females he’s dated in the past. When Brittany tells her sister she wants to stay because Ethan and the others are vampires and she wants to save their souls, Alexis thinks it’s a joke until a situation convinces her otherwise.

Despite a very long sexual dry spell, Alexis can’t believe she’s so attracted to a vampire. A deal is struck, and she agrees to stay and pretend to be Ethan’s girlfriend through to the election. As the two spend more and more time together they both begin to fall in love, but their worlds are so very different.

There are secondary stories, one involving an assassin trying to kill Ethan and another with Brittany and Corbin, a banished vampire who is determined to find a cure for vampirism.

Though Alexis comes across as very combative and hostile at the beginning of the story, we soon realize her reason for being so protective of her sister. Still it took me half of the story to figure out why Ethan was so attracted to her. But by the end I very much enjoyed both Alexis’ combative personality and her sense of humor. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens in the next book in the series - Bit the Jackpot.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Jackie.

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