by Amy J. Fetzer

July 2006
ISBN: 0-7582-1107-4
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Trade Paperback

Hit Hard by Amy J. Fetzer is another book in her continuing Dragon-One series. This features Sam Wyatt, codename Outlaw, a Texan who knows no fear until it comes to the fate of a certain redhead, Xaviera (Viva) Fiori whom he rescues in Thailand.

As a member of the Dragon-One team, Sam Wyatt has pretty much seen all of the “hellholes” around the world while on missions! Right now, he and his team are in Thailand, trailing some rough-cut “conflict” diamonds from the Congo. “Conflict” diamonds are used to finance wars and terrorist actions and Sam’s client doesn’t want to see that happen! Sam and his team are attempting to get them back before they get cut and into circulation and also try and determine what the diamonds are going to buy and stop the sale. As members of his team negotiate with member of the Liberation Tigers for the diamonds, he hears a big explosion. There is an immediate call for the team members to bug out – the dam has burst and water is rushing directly toward their location. After rescuing two members who were injured in the flood, they need to get one critically injured member to the hospital before continuing their mission.

Viva was on an archeological dig in Northern Thailand when a most unusual bracelet was unearthed. She has been given the task of making sure the bracelet got to a museum in Bangkok and then she could take a few days R&R before returning to the dig. She decides to take the train and that was her first bad decision on this particular day. The train was stopped close to the jungle by bandits who wanted to steal the bracelet and when she refuses to give it to them, all hell breaks loose.

WOW!! Hit Hard is a great book! Viva is my kind of heroine – she’s feisty, heroic, intelligent, funny, loyal and a woman with “secrets” who has never felt “worthy”, but Sam and his team changes that for her! Sam is a great hero – fearless, except when it concerns Viva, heroic, intelligent, funny, loyal and not so Alpha that he doesn’t listen to Viva when she talks, even though she’s not a member of the team. I can’t wait for Max, Logan and Sebastian to get their stories. If you like excitement and suspense in your books, this one is spectacular! Bravo, Ms. Fetzer!

Reviewed in July 2006 by PamL.

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