by Susanne Marie Knight

August 2002
ISBN: 1-59088-121-4
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This is a lighthearted romance; it concentrates a lot on the manners of the period it is set in. England is the setting and ladies of Quality did not work for a living - in that time period being genteel poor is better than earning an honest living! The heroine, Katrina, did not share this view and drew silhouettes of important ladies for employment until her Landlord, the Earl of Udall, intervenes.

The book explores the Earlís unfortunate past and why he distrusts ladies though he is reluctantly attracted to Katrina.

There are a few secondary characters that add a little weight to the story - namely, the Earlís little nephew, Freddie, and the wicked Therese, the Earlís sister-in-law.

The Reluctant Landlord is a fairly short story and is easy to read. There are a lot of obstacles in The Earl and Katrinaís path before they can find true love. Fortunately, the Earl is a man used to getting his own way and sweeps aside anyone who tries to thwart him. Though he is formidable, he is still rather a likable character. Susanne Marie Knight wrote the characters well and it is evident that they are thoroughly thought out. They interact with each other superbly and this makes them all the more interesting. However, I felt that things were made too easy for the heroine to live in the supposedly run down house that they had rented and which was owned by the Earl. She accepted with no problems the fact that servants were sent to the house to care for her and her Aunt. I didnít think Katrina should have accepted this without putting up a fight!

In conclusion, I found The Reluctant Landlord a nice little story.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Mary.

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