by Lyn Cote

April 2006
ISBN: 0-446-69436-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Faith
Trade Paperback

Carly Lorraine Sinclair is a timid young woman, which is remarkable since she comes from a long line of very strong willed women. It seems nothing she does pleases her mother, Leigh. Carly decides to join the Army, maybe this way she can face her fears.

While in the Army, she is sent to Kuwait, being part of Desert Storm, she knows this is the best place for her to triumph over her fears. She is wounded and sent back to the states to Ivy Manor where she can heal and be looked after by Chloe, Bette and Leigh. She has to come to grips with her new physical needs will she ever find peace? Or love? Can she and her mother have a relationship, which would give Carly happiness?

All the women of Ivy Manor have had to face her own fears and demons during a time of war. They face them head-on and win their own personal wars. Carly is the final chapter on this remarkable group of women. It should be noted: It is not necessary to read them in order, but it helps with the history of each woman. The titles in the Women of Ivy Manor are: Chloe, Bette, Leigh, and Carly. It was sad to see this series end.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Pat.

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