by Cynthia Thomason

May 2006
ISBN: 1932815562
Reviewer Graphic Button Medallion Press
Mass Market Paperback

St. Brigidís Island, Georgia March 1871

Former US cavalry Lieutenant Gabriel Hampton knew it was his last chance at survival and had to take it no matter the cost, escape was his only out! Convicted of treason, and court martialed, Gabe was aboard a transport vessel sailing to his new home, prison. Cruel prison guard, Sgt. Avery was tormenting Gabe for the umpteenth time, when Gabe seized an opportunity to strike back only to have Avery shoot Gabe in his leg leaving him on the deck to die. Gabe fought to stay conscious and when the unsuspecting Avery leaned in closer Gabe strangled the guard and leaped to the foggy, choppy waters below.

Living on the quiet solitude of St. Brigidís Island, lighthouse keeper Livvy Drummond had only her invalid grandfather, Holly for company. Livvy was going about her nightly duties of keeping the lighthouse running when she spots a man wash up on the shore. Knowing the man was most likely a survivor of a shipping accident of some kind, and requiring assistance, Liv ran down the steps of the lighthouse as fast as she could, only to face a nightmare! The man was dressed in convictís clothing, and was brandishing a knife at her and Holly! When Gabe collapses, Holly convinces Livvy that they must do their duties as lighthouse keepers and aid all who require it of them. They nurse the injured escapee, and begin to realize that there is more to him then appears to be. Gabe regains consciousness to the face of an angel, who with her kindness and sweet nature could finally bring the peace and honor back to Gabriel Hampton! If only circumstances would not threaten to tear them apart. Livvy is determined to help Gabe, and must face childhood secrets to do it. Will the Civil War claim two more victims, or can Gabrielís Angel finally free his tortured soul?

Gabrielís Angel is a phenomenal, gripping and sweetly written love story by Cynthia Thompson. Thought provoking circumstances give us a hero driven to a dark side by a war that made brother fight against brother, and commit countless atrocities. A strong heroine is Livvy who is willing to stand up to her prejudiced family and neighbors to fight for what she knows is just! Donít miss this one!

Reviewed in April 2006 by Bonnie.

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