by Kathryn Fox

March 2002
ISBN: 0-821-77243-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Samantha Wilder works for her uncle's paper writing the obituaries. That is the only job they (her uncle and aunt) will let her have. Her aunt wants her to marry, but Sam does not want to. She craves adventure, she dreams of travel, she wants her independence. Well, she has a partner in crime for all her schemes, Oscar, who is also her best friend. Oscar thinks he is in love with Samantha and will follow her anywhere she goes to try and keep her out of trouble.

Samantha hears about the gold strike in the Yukon and also a rumor that some money is missing and is being blamed on the Mounties who are transporting the gold. So she sets off to find the story and Oscar is along for the ride. They pretend to be husband and wife as they travel to the Yukon. They encounter many obstacles along the way to the Yukon, an avalanche, robbery and a gun shot wound.

Sam is strong willed, gutsy and will try everything at least once, even singing in a saloon! The one person that always seems to be around when Sam is trying out her wings is Inspector Duncan MacLeod. He actually lets her participate in one adventure that gets them soaked and stranded until help arrives. Duncan is a very honorable man, big and ruggedly handsome. From the moment Sam and Duncan meet there is a tension in the air, sexual awareness, and they finally give in to that awareness, for both it is like coming home.

Duncan gets some unexpected news, and his daughters enter his life again after 15 years. Duncan has to make peace with his daughters before he and Sam can have a life together, and he must overcome the fact that gold is missing from the shipments. He is charged with taking the gold. The scheme Sam comes up with to save him, and is agreed upon by the Mounties, is dangerous, but Oscar is there for her as well as Inspector Mike Flannigan.

The Seduction is the second in the Men of Honor series by Kathryn Fox. She is able to bring alive the old west, the obstacles faced by those early gold miners, and what the Mounties faced doing their duty. Her descriptions of the Yukon are great and it makes you think you are right there with Sam and Duncan. The secondary characters play a role in helping with the descriptions and are fun to see and watch how they interact with the hero and heroine.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Pam.

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